We are fortunate enough to be in an industry that allows us to continue serving our customers without risking anyone’s health. I would estimate that 95% of what we do can be done remotely. Just today, we had our first company meeting where all our staff participated remotely.

Currently, we are helping our customers implement remote work-at-home solutions and we are pleased to offer our expertise to anyone who may need it.

For the few instances where we need to go to a customer site, we first make sure this is an essential trip, and that our customer is comfortable with us coming on-site. Staff is free to decline any situations that would make them uncomfortable or significantly increase their risks. Atrema is closely monitoring our staff’s health. Staff is not to go on-site or to our office if there is any sign of illness or if they have been in contact with anyone who is ill. One of our senior partners (Daniel) just returned from the USA and has gone into self-isolation.

As the situation unfolds it is very likely that the above policy will be updated.

Thank you,

Christopher, Daniel & the Atrema team