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WordPress Hosting

If you’re investing time and resources into having an amazing website, it only makes sense to have a great WordPress hosting partner.

Your website needs to be lightning fast, secure, and up to date – and it needs to do those things 24/7.

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Located in Canada

Our servers are located in Canada. This means faster speeds, and supporting our national economy.

Daily Backups

Everything is backed up daily. So regardless of the issue, we can get you back online fast.

Local Support Team

Our support team is located in Calgary. When you call, you speak directly with an expert.


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Common Questions

About WordPress hosting.

What is the difference between managed and regular WordPress hosting?

Regular WordPress hosting, also called ‘shared hosting’ is the cheapest option available when you’re hosting a website.

Managed WordPress hosting solutions are more expensive because they have more dedicated resources. They are faster, more secure, and constantly monitored by our team.

We’re happy to chat and discuss the best options for you.

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Where are all the prices?

At Atrema, we’re about relationships first.

Let’s be honest about price, it is likely you are looking for the lowest one that will still meet your needs…

The challenge is, lots of companies just want your money, regardless of whether or not it is going to be the right solution for you.

That is where Atrema is different. We want to meet face to face or talk over the phone, understand your needs, and walk you through what we recommend.