Email for your business should be simple (we'll take care of all the hard stuff).

Whether you know exactly what your organization needs, or you’re looking for the right partner to help you make the correct decisions for your business email systems, you’re in the right place.

Why have Atrema help with your business emails?
Simple: Email is a critical business tool that should always be working. When it isn’t, we provide direct end-user customer support. This means that anyone in your business can call US (not you) for support.

Our business email solutions include:

Microsoft Exchange

We have extensive experience with Shared and Dedicated Exchange systems.

Icewarp Business Email

An alternative business email solution using our own private cloud technology.

Office 365

The industry standard, we'll get you sorted and online with office easily.

Google GSuite

We can get you up and running using Google for Business in no-time.

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Let's talk. We'll help you find the best email solution for your needs.

How we help small to medium sized businesses

How we work with large business, enterprise, or government

Partnership opportunities for agencies, website builders, and web or app developers

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Business-Ready Email

Atrema has a suite of business-ready email products and services.


Performance Hosting

We're the local choice for anything from websites to custom environments.


Everything Else

Atrema is a full service provider, from domain names to SSL.