The best VPS hosting is invisible.

From email to your business website, you don't want to worry about it. You just want it working properly.


Business-Class Email and Performance Website Hosting that just works

E-mail that isn’t working or a website that is slow or offline can not be tolerated. These systems are the backbone of your business.

At Atrema, we’re very serious about reliable and fast business-email, and website or data hosting.

We’ll work with you to set you up with the tools you need, and make sure that they stay online and fast. Every day.

How we help small to medium sized businesses

Atrema understands small and medium sized businesses.

To succeed at growing your business, it takes a special touch. Sometimes you have to do more with less. Time and money are both critical commodities.

Atrema is the trusted partner of many SMB’s… Supporting them with email that doesn’t break, websites that don’t go down, and computer systems that keep employees working.

How can we help you?

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How we work with large business, enterprise, or government

From IT infrastructure to web application development, Atrema was built around servicing the most demanding of clients.

With long-time clients like Caterpillar and Fleet Brake, Atrema has a proven history of delivering. Period.

Our multi-disciplinary focus allows us to succeed in any environment (physical or digital).

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Partnership opportunities for agencies and web or app developers

Atrema’s Canadian data centres power IT services and web technologies around the world.

We partner with agencies in Canada to provide them with the technology to drive their projects, while providing them with the support they need, when they need it.

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Our Email & Hosting Services


Business-Ready Email

Atrema has a suite of business-ready email products and services.


Performance Hosting

We're the local choice for anything from websites to custom environments.


Everything Else

Atrema is a full service provider, from domain names to SSL.