All the tech you need for your business, starting at $300 a month.


Your business needs things like:

  • File sharing and storage
  • Business email
  • Business accounting software
  • Office printing
  • Remote access to your files
  • Not to mention everything backed up

Regardless of who is doing it, your data needs to be managed. As your business grows, the complexity of things like servers, laptops, networks, software, and support keeps increasing.

So how do you know what to do?

That is where Atrema comes in. We have the people, systems, and experience to create, install, and maintain the tech infrastructure that powers your entire business.

Do you want to know where businesses get stuck when it comes to IT solutions?

It’s easy: Cost.

When you’re looking at IT, you are inundated with costs.
You’ve got servers, upgrades, software licences, email hosting, web hosting, device support, priority support.. and the list goes on…

Atrema's IT Department in a Box has everything you need, with a single cost.

Here's how it works.

  1. Base Cost: $300 per month, per location

    This includes a custom server, built to run at your location, battery backup, operating system and all upgrades, and all the networking gear you need. Including installation.

  2. Next, Add in Equipment

    You can either lease or buy your equipment like laptops or workstations, or we can support your existing equipment.

  3. Then, Choose Support Options

    While basic support is included, enhanced support includes things like extended hours and workstation support.

  4. Add-in any extras

    Like email hosting, website hosting, offsite back up, etc.

The IT Department in a Box is customized to the needs of today, and ready to grow with you. It’s simplified approach will have you feeling confident in the results, and comfortable with the investment costs.

That’s it! Everything you need for one cost. Installation included, ongoing management included, support included.

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Want to learn more? Let's sit down and learn about your business.