6 Proven Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business’ IT Management

Even Local Businesses need to consider security and functionality when it comes to investments in tech. 

You must keep your data and equipment protected from physical or electronic damage, especially if you don’t have an “in house” IT team.

With Atrema working alongside your business you can accomplish your business goals more quickly. Here are some ways a Managed IT Service Provider can benefit your business.

We give you a high ROI

Atrema’s team are experts in helping businesses and nonprofits leverage technology to make communication, customer relations and day to day operations work effectively and seamlessly.  For one, our team of local professionals are experienced in helping large operations as well as smaller start-ups and local businesses allowing us to custom fit a solution to your size and budget. 

Don’t forget, we have access to the latest tech solutions and can leverage our large partners for the latest tech solutions. These resources make us more effective at preventing threats like hacking, phishing, or similar problems online. 

We make you more efficient

We have a well proven track record of maximizing business up-time. Not only is access to assets like a website or customer database increased, but when you have an IT partner managing these for you, you and your employees can spend more time on functions related to your primary offerings. Besides, we take care of keeping your tech assets industry-compliant, so you just don’t have to worry.

Don’t overlook working with us would give your employees a dedicated helpline, freeing them for tasks directly related to day-to-day operations. 

Keep Joe from accounting doing accounting instead of IT.

We help keep your company secure

With a reputable service provider like Atrema on your side, your company will be protected from cyber-crime around the clock. Our team is continuously improving their knowledge of the latest defences and they ensure our clients’ systems are monitored constantly. This means all the systems and processes that make your business thrive are safe and secure.

Retaining our services also allows you to be proactive about security. We can help you recognize and avoid threats, and can teach your staff to do the same.

You gain access to our expertise

Because we have worked with many other clients large and small, you get to leverage our experience working with these other businesses. What’s more, our team is composed of local individuals dedicated to honing their skills as well as continuous learning.

The best part is, we cover the cost of training, and your business reaps the benefits. In contrast, you would have to foot the bill for training an in-house team.


Atrema’s Hybrid cloud-based services

We focus on helping clients move data and operations securely to a Hybrid cloud-based platform. Some businesses are understandably hesitant to move all their work to the cloud, so we created a Hybrid Solution! Why?

As the “cloud” offerings have matured over the last decade, the smart money is on hybrid cloud. The three main reasons for this are:

  1.       Security: highly sensitive or proprietary data is actually more secure if the on premise servers are properly secured
  2.       Speed: Many applications really benefit from having a local server, things like Active Directory, large files for example engineering drawings/spreadsheets
  3.      Compatibility: Not everything runs in the cloud

Using a hybrid cloud platform means companies can keep using their hardware systems for the systems that require it. And they can move other processes onto the cloud, providing greater flexibility for communication like “work from home” situations, as well as other benefits such as using artificial intelligence to understand trends in a company’s data.

We also help with our clients’ “cloud” maintenance and upkeep so there is no added stress put on our clients.

You’ll gain a competitive edge

With hours taken away from having to deal with tech concerns, you can focus on other parts of running your business. This gives you a competitive advantage and adds to your value.

We know cyber security is also a top concern for clients and customers. They want assurance that their data is with someone who will take care of it. Atrema can ensure that you protect your clients’ sensitive data from breaches and scams.

Partnering with an IT provider can also allow you to reinvest in your business. Budget constraints can limit your expansion plans; with a managed IT provider, you can allocate excess funds you would have spent on funding tech equipment, training, and software. 


Outsourcing your IT services to specialists is a cost-effective way of managing your business’ tech concerns. We as Managed IT Service Providers take care of your online and cloud-based systems’ back-end, leaving you with the task of growing your company.

Power your business now with Atrema. We deliver managed IT services out of Calgary, and our work has allowed us to serve both large and small organizations all over Alberta. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn more!

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